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In Australia, you are able to sponsor your spouse or partner (a family member or partner) if you wish to live together with them.

You may be eligible for an Australian spouse visa if your spouse is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. There are two ways in which applicants can access the Department of Home Affairs Australia.

Partner (Provisional) visa Subclass 309:
Until you are granted a permanent resident visa, you can live in Australia with your partner. I would like to make sure you know that it is a temporary visa.

Partner (permanent) visa (subclass 100):
It allows your spouse/partner to stay permanently if you hold the Australia Partner (Provisional) visa Subclass 309.

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Benefits of Australia Child Visa Subclass 101:

  • Your Australian partner will be able to stay with you indefinitely.
  • Working and studying in Australia is possible from anywhere.
  • Social security payments will be made to you in Australia.
  • Australians have access to Medicare, the government’s health insurance program.
  • Australia can be visited multiple times over the course of five years.
  • An English language exam does not need to be taken by the spouse.
  • If you are applying for a family unit, you can include the members of that unit.
  • A minimum amount of funds is not required.
  • The passing mark system does not have a minimum point requirement, such as 65 points.
  • An Australian spouse visa is also not age-restricted

Australia Spouse Visa Requirements

You must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for an Australian spouse visa:

Relationship requirements:
First and foremost, the couple must be in a genuine relationship, whether married or in a de facto relationship. You must take the following steps to prove your relationship status:

  1. A shared life with your spouse must be a priority for both of you.
  2. There must be a confirmation and continuation of your relationship.
  3. It is essential that your marriage is legal.
  4. A lot of time must be spent together between you two.
  5. It is essential that you share liability equally.

For DHA Australia to be able to determine the status of a relationship, these are the most important parameters to monitor. In order to determine whether this relationship is genuine, DHA Australia may interview the applicant or sponsor.

Australia spouse visa interview questions

  1. What was the date and location of your meeting?
  2. The first thing you noticed about your partner was what you found attractive about him or her.
  3. Did you start dating each other when you were young?
  4. Your relationship with your partner began when you first fell in love.
  5. Was your relationship considered to be “in progress” at the time?
  6. Last time you gave a gift to each other, what was it?
  7. Do you remember when you decided to get married?
  8. What’s the amount of time you’ve spent with your partner’s family?
  9. Is there a particular reason you and your partner decided to go to Australia rather than stay in your home country?
  10. How long has it been since you got engaged?
  11. At the time of your engagement, where were you?
  12. How did you find out about the place you were married?
  13. Your wedding ceremony and reception were attended by how many people?
  14. What was the birth date of your partner?
  15. Do you have a degree with your partner? What kind of school and what type of degree did you earn?
  16. Do you know what your partner does for a living?
  17. Are there any foods that your partner enjoys?
  18. When was the last time you and your partner watched a film together?
  19. Is there anything you will do if you are denied a visa?
  20. What is your partner’s plan for having children?

Meet health requirements:
Applicants must meet the health requirements for this visa as well as their family members. Everyone in your family (whether they are accompanying you or not) needs to undergo medical examinations, such as:

  1. TB Screening test
  2. Chest x-ray
  3. HIV
  4. Depending on the applicant’s personal circumstances, another relevant test may be required

Meet character requirements:
A police clearance certificate is required to prove your character, so you and your family members must be of good character.

There is a difference between the character requirements for ship workers and military workers.

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Best interests of the child:
In cases where the Australian spouse visa is not in an applicant’s best interest under 18 years of age, the Department of Home Affairs may refuse the application.

Pay your debts to the Australian Government:
Your Australian spouse visa application will be denied by DHA Australia if the sponsor or a member of your family owes the Australian government debts. Before sponsoring your spouse or partner on an Australian spouse/partner visa, you should pay it back or arrange for it to be paid back.

Previous visa cancellation or refusal:
DHA Australia may refuse or deny your spouse’s previous visa due to misrepresentation, deportation, or being banned from entry into Australia. Consequently, your Australian spouse visa will not be approved.

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Australia Spouse Visa process / How to apply for Australia spouse Visa step-by-step guide

Follow the steps below carefully in order to apply for an Australia spouse visa.

Step 1 Check Australia spouse visa eligibility:
The Australian spouse visa requirements must be met by both applicants and sponsors in the following areas:

  1. Relationship of integrity,
  2. Occupational health requirements,
  3. Qualifications for characters,
  4. The Australian debt situation,
  5. Previously sponsored projects, etc.

Sponsorship obligations must also be met, which means the sponsor must be able to provide for the applicant’s basic needs, for example:

  • Accommodation
  • In the event that English language courses are needed, financial assistance can be provided
  • When necessary, other support can be provided, such as childcare
  • There are a number of reasons that Australian spouse visas are denied, but the most common reason is that either the applicant or sponsor cannot meet the visa requirements.

To determine your chances of getting an Australian spouse visa approval, you can also use the Overseas Desire Australia spouse visa eligibility tool.

Step 2 Prepare Required Documents:
Generally speaking, the way you present your visa application documents to the authority to process your visa application determines whether your Australian spouse visa will be approved or denied.

Document requirements for the Australian spouse also depend on the personal circumstances of the applicant or sponsor. Here is a list of documents you’ll need to apply for an Australia spouse visa.

In addition to delaying the processing time, bogus documents, unreadable black-and-white documents, and supplementary documents that are not in the required format can increase the chances of your application being rejected.

Step 3 Apply for your Australia Spouse visa:
The Australia spouse visa application fee must be paid once you have confirmed your eligibility for the Australian spouse visa and furnished your documents as per the specifications for your case. Applicants and sponsors are solely responsible for notifying changes once their application has been lodged.

The application ID / TRN number is sent once you apply for your visa, and you can use this number to track the status of your application online.

Step 4 Australia spouse visa Outcome:
It usually takes three to four weeks until the Australian spouse visa decision can be made, after the supporting documents have been verified, an interview with the applicant or sponsor has taken place, and a background check has been completed.

With the Australian spouse visa granted, your partner or sponsor can now fly to Australia and live with you.

Upon refusal of your Australia spouse visa by the Department of Home Affairs Australia, we will inform you as follows:

  1. What was the reason for the refusal of your Australian spouse visa?
  2. A review of the decision is available if you have a right to one

Spouse visa Australia Cost/fee

In order to apply for an Australian spouse visa, you have to pay a fee that is determined by the number of applicants, the type of application you are making (onshore or offshore), as well as other factors.

You will also be charged a surcharge if you pay an Australian spouse visa application fee by credit card.

  • Australia spouse visa fee – AUD 7,850
  • Additional applicant charge 18 and over – AUD 3,960
  • Additional applicant charge under 18 – AUD 1,965

Another cost

  • Medical expenses Rs. 5000/- per person
  • PCC charges approximately Rs. 1000/- per certificate

In addition to the temporary subclass 309 visa, this fee is applicable to the permanent partner (migrant) visa as well. There is no guarantee that it will remain the same at any given point in time.

Spouse visa Australia processing time

Several factors determine the duration of the Australian spouse visa processing process, including the number of applications received, the type of application, and the type of applicant.

  1. Completed forms in a timely manner
  2. Payment of the visa application fee in the correct amount
  3. Your supporting documents and credentials will be verified
  4. If the Department of home affairs Australia raises an ADR, what should you do?
  5. Slot availability for visa interviews
  6. A verification of sponsor credentials and an interview with the sponsor

A spouse visa for Australia currently takes 8 weeks to process

For Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) visa

Seventy-five percent of applications are processed within 18 months.

The average processing time for applications is 23 months for ninety percent of them.

For Subclass 100 visa (Permanent Australia Partner Visa)

The average processing time for applications is 17 months, which is 75 percent.

The average processing time for applications is 23 months for ninety percent of them.

Australia Parent Visa Processing Time

Capping and queueing ultimately determine the processing time of Australian Parent visas. Applicants are limited to a certain number of applications each year due to the capping. Your application will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis if you are in the queue.

There are expected to be 4,500 parent visa applications accepted by Australia in 2022.

The process typically takes between six and eight hours to complete

  1. It takes approximately two years to obtain an Australia Contributory Parent Visa subclass 143.
  2. The duration of the Australia Non-Contributory Parent Visa subclass 103 is between 10 and 15 years.

Australia Spouse visa documents checklist

Visas for spouses and partners in Australia require the following documents. All these documents must be submitted in accordance with the predetermined format

  1. The English language must be used in all documents related to Australian spouse visas.
  2. Color and acceptable format for all documents
  3. Readability is a requirement for all records

If you could provide me with only accurate and authentic documents, I would appreciate it. You will not only have your application refused if you provide false or misleading documents. If you apply for further applications, you may be banned from doing so.

Here is a checklist of documents you will need to apply for the Australia Spouse Visa for smooth sailing

Application forms:
Please ensure the information on your application form is accurate and legible.

Identity documents:
You, your spouse, and your dependent children must provide a birth certificate or other identity document from your national government.

Character documents:
If you lived in more than one country for more than 12 months in the last ten years since you turned 16, please provide a police certificate from each country. Please include your home country as well.

Health clearance:
In order to prove your health status, you or any applicant over the age of two must undergo a medical examination.

Australia residency proof:
You will need to provide proof of your sponsor’s residence such as utility bills, rent agreements, phone bills, etc.

It is required that all applicants submit passport-sized colored photographs.

A marriage certificate is required for married applicants, and proof of a de facto relationship is required for de facto partners. Please explain the following as well

1. Genuine Relationship status:
Make sure your relationship is genuine and ongoing by providing evidence.

2. Finances:
Financial matters should be shared between you and your partner.

3. Your household:
You and your partner must provide documentary evidence that domestic matters are shared between you two.

4. Social matters:
Your relationship should be supported by evidence that others know about it.

5. Commitment:
Make sure you provide enough documentation to prove your commitment to a long-term relationship.

6. Other relationships:
A previous marriage, divorce, widowhood, or separation must also be reported by you or your sponsor.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide copies of additional documents as requested by the Department of Home Affairs Australia.

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