Canada Child Visa

The following requirements must be met if you are a Canadian citizen or a holder of a Canada PR visa who wants to sponsor a dependent child to become a permanent resident.

  1. Providing financial support to them is a responsibility you should be willing to take on.
  2. You are not receiving social assistance from the Canadian government if you are economically independent.

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Are you eligible to sponsor your children?

Following are the requirements for sponsoring your dependent children.

A minimum age of 18 is required for the application.

Immigration status:
Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents are eligible to apply. Living outside Canada is not an option for a Canadian citizen. In the case of Canadian PR holders who reside outside of the country, they cannot sponsor their child.

Financial undertaking:
Additionally, you must promise to provide financial support for your children for a specified period of time. A promising endeavor is underway at this time.

Length of Undertaking:
Depending on the age of the children, the length of the undertaking will vary. Under 22-year-old children will have to fulfill the undertaking for ten years or until they turn 25 years old, whichever comes first. The undertaking will last three years if the child is 22 years old.

Income Requirement:
In spite of the fact that there is no income requirement to sponsor a dependent child, if the sponsor meets a lower income requirement, your application will qualify as substantial.

Federal Income Table

1 person (the sponsor)
For 2 members
For 3 members
For 4 members
For 5 members
For 6 members
For 7 members

How to apply for / sponsor your children

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to apply for a sponsorship with Canada Children.

Check eligibility:
You will need to check the eligibility of the child for the sponsorship and the sponsor’s status (PR or citizenship). You can proceed to the second step once you have determined your eligibility.

Gather your documents:
Depending on the situation, different forms and documents may be required. CIC will return your application without assessment if you submit an incomplete application; your fee will also not be refunded if you submit an incomplete application. If you would like more information about documents and forms, feel free to contact our experienced consultant.

Apply for a Canada Child visa:
By paying the appropriate fee, you can submit both sponsorship and Canada Child PR applications once you have all the necessary forms and documents. As well as biometrics, PCC, and medical information, you need to provide them.

Canada child visa decision:
Your application will be assessed by CIC, and it will be subjected to a background check and security check. The visa application of your child will be approved if the evaluation results are positive. You will be refused entry if CIC uncovers any indication that you submitted fake documentation to prove your relationship, income, etc. Sponsorship of future applications may be prohibited.

Canada child visa application fee
There are fees associated with Canada child visa applications that need to be paid before they can be submitted. Visa fees for Canadian children can be paid with a credit card.

Below are the application fees for Canada child visas.

Application type
Fee in CAD $
Fee in INR (approx.)
Sponsorship charges
CAD 75
Rs. 3750
PR processing fee for a child applicant
CAD 75
Rs. 3750
Biometric charges (per person)
CAD 85
Rs. 4250
Medical charges
CAD 100
Rs. 5000
PCC charges
CAD 20
Rs. 1000

Canada child visa processing time

Canada child visas usually take 12-18 months to process from the date of receipt of your application, depending on factors including:

  1. Do you respond to visa officer questions promptly, regardless of the application mode (Online / Offline)?
  2. What is the ease of verifying your credentials with the visa officer?
  3. A queue of applications has already been created.
  4. Do you have all the documents and forms you need to submit?

You may experience a delay in processing your application if you do the following.

  1. Document copies with unclear information
  2. Verification of your documents and information
  3. More tests may be needed for a medical condition
  4. Problems related to crime or security

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