The Overseas Desire Promise

For accommodations, we provide the maximum support to our students and ensure their comfort and safety.

Perfect Homes

Our accommodations are all highly hygienic and safe, and they provide excellent living conditions.

Perfect Prices

With the best prices across all our services, we offer the best accommodation deals

Perfect Service

Our world-class customer service is available 24/7.


  1. How does Overseas Desire offer assistance with accommodations?

    Overseas Desire offers assistance with accommodations by providing advice, support, and guidance to students who are applying to top universities around the world.

  2. What types of accommodation are available for international students?

    Examples of possible accommodations include dormitories, private apartments, homestays, and more.

  3. Can you rent an apartment as a student?

    As long as you’re able to provide proof of income, you can rent an apartment.

  4. Can the students avail of the services related to accommodation only with Overseas Desire?

    Yes, you can avail of our accommodation service only. There is no compulsion on your part to opt for our other services as well.

  5. What will the accommodation cost me?

    The prices related to accommodation may vary on the basis of location, duration, accommodation type, and local renting norms.

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