Australia Child Visa (101/802)

Those with a Child Visa are eligible to bring their children to live with them in Australia, whether they are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. It is divided into two subclasses.

Child Visa Subclass 101:
An Australian parent may live with their child living outside the country under this subclass visa. Under 18-year-old children born outside Australia are eligible for this visa.

Child Visa Subclass 802:
Children who live in Australia with their Australian, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand parents may reside there. It is necessary for the child to live in Australia in order to qualify for this visa subclass.

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Benefits of Australia Child Visa Subclass 101:

  • Indefinite residency in Australia is granted to you.
  • During their stay in Australia, applicants are allowed to work.
  • Medicare and health care can be enrolled by applicants.
  • If you meet certain requirements, you can apply for citizenship.
  • Until five years from the date of issuance, you will be able to move to and from the country.

If you want your relatives to get Australian permanent residency, you can sponsor them.

Australia Child Visa Requirements

There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for an Australian Child visa.

In order to become an applicant, the child must meet the following requirements.

Be dependent on their parent:
You should have either PR or citizenship-based parents in Australia. You must be a dependent child of the sponsor, and they must be eligible to sponsor you.

Be this age:
There are three requirements: under the age of 18; over 18; over 18 with a disability, or over 18 and studying full time. If you are older than 18 but under 25, you must be financially dependent on your parents.

Have no partner:
You will not be eligible for an Australian child visa if you have been married or have a partner.

Meet the health requirement:
A child visa in Australia is subject to health requirements. Applicants must meet health criteria both as a child and as a sponsor.

Meet the Character Requirement:
Children 16 years of age and older must meet the character requirements determined by DHA Australia.

Sign the Australian values statement:
In addition to signing the Australian value statement, you must follow Australian laws, respect Australian values and follow the Australian way of life.

Have consent to migrate to Australia:
Your Australian child visa will only be approved if you provide the following information:

  1. Every person who can make a legal decision about their place of residence must sign a written consent form
  2. Living in Australia is legal under the law of your home country

Have a sponsor:
Children who are sponsored by Australian parents must have PR or citizenship, and their parents must be willing to pay all expenses for the next 10 years or until they turn 18.

How to apply for an Australian child visa?

Follow the steps below to apply for an Australian child visa.

Step 1 Check your eligibility:
A child visa application must begin with determining eligibility and whether you meet age criteria, health standards, character requirements, and income guidelines.
Upon completing the first step, if you think you meet the requirements for an Australian child visa, please move on to the next step.

Step 2 Gather require Documents:
All supporting documents are required as per the Australia child visa documents checklist, once you have determined that you (both the child and sponsor) meet the eligibility criteria for an Australia child visa. Please note that all documents must be in English and defined, as specified in the Australia child visa documents checklist.

Step 3 Apply for an Australian Child visa:
The last thing you need to do is apply for your Australian child visa once you have all the necessary documents and the correct visa application form;

A delayed application as well as an incomplete set of documents can lead to the rejection of your Australian child visa application if you make an incorrect payment or submit an incomplete set of documents.

Step 4 Visa outcome:
As soon as you submit your application, DHA Australia assesses it for completeness and accuracy, and if your application meets the requirements, DHA Australia examines it further.

You should provide the following information if your evaluation is positive:

  1. Medications certified by a panel of physicians
  2. Certificate of clearance from the police
  3. A biometric system

In the event of a decision being made, a copy of it will be provided to the applicant and DHA will keep a copy of it. The applicant will then have a certain amount of time within which to enter Australia.

Australia child visa documents checklist

Your Australian child visa application should be supported by the following documents.

Identity documents:
In order to prove your identity, you must provide a DOB certificate, name change certificate (if applicable), or anything else that establishes your nationality.

Financial documents:
To prove how you provide your child with basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, and other daily needs), the sponsor must provide sufficient evidence. Your application will be considered ineligible if you do not provide sufficient evidence.

Character documents:
Applicants who are above 16 years of age and have not spent more than 12 months in the same country in the last ten years are required to submit police certificates from that country.

Moreover, you must submit 45mm x 35mm color photographs of good quality.

Travel Documents:
Additionally, a valid passport must be provided by the applicant. The validity of a visa cannot exceed that of a passport.

Health documents:
If a child is suffering from a severe disease that poses a threat to the Australian public, a medical examination and health examination certificate is required before applying for an Australian child visa.

Child’s relationship to the parent:
The following documents will help you prove your relationship and help you get your visa approved.

  • Certificate of Birth Date
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • The family tree

Application form:
To apply for an Australia child visa, you will also need to furnish the appropriate application form.

  1. Child migration to Australia application form 47CH (541KB PDF).
  2. 40CH sponsorship for an Australian child (555KB PDF)

Please note – It is possible for the Department of Home Affairs Australia to request additional documents based on the child’s circumstances, so all documents must be in English, certified, and in an acceptable format.

Australian child visa Processing Time

  • Ensure that the application form is filled out accurately
  • Provided all necessary documents in accordance with the requirements
  • Several applications have been received by DHA
  • Verify your credentials and those of your sponsor as soon as possible
  • ADR (if applicable) is requested from the sponsor by the applicant

Currently, child visas (subclass 101) are processed within the following timeframes:

  1. In 16 months, 75 percent of applications are processed
  2. In 21 months, 90 percent of applications are processed

Australian child visa cost

In order to obtain a Child Visa, the sponsor must pay the appropriate fees and charges. Australian dollars are used for all charges listed below.

Visa Subclass
Base Application Charge
Additional applicant charges 18 & over
Additional applicant charge under 18
Subclass 101

In addition, the applicant must pay for additional costs such as a health examination, a character certificate, etc.

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