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Pearson Test of English has been one of the mainstream English proficiency tests taken by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Considered an easier option compared to IELTS and TOEFL, PTE is a completely computer-based test where there is no human intervention.

There are several reasons why people choose PTE.

  1. Completely computer-based test
  2. Exam dates are easy to book
  3. Availability of exam dates is abundant
  4. The result is out in less than a week
  5. Easier than IELTS and TOEFL
  6. Short duration (2 hours)
  7. Same-day exam (LRWS)

What is the format of the PTE exam?

PTE is an English proficiency test that checks your proficiency in all four modules – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. There is a total of twenty types of questions in those modules and the exam is conducted for two hours: You have nearly 30 minutes to finish Reading and Listening (each), and around 60 minutes to finish Writing plus Speaking combined. Details on the PTE exam format can be read on PTE’s official portal.

Why PTE at Overseas Desire?

Overseas Desire has been the most senior immigration and student visa service provider in the state of Gujarat. Ever since the company’s inception, we have successfully executed simple to complex visa cases for settling, studying, or working abroad.

With an immensely high success ratio, Overseas Desire has created a marvelous rapport in the Indian market and is offering PTE classes in Ahmedabad with an aim to provide astounding services with the same enthusiasm and expertise.

Here are prime factors the overseas desire that contributes to the best PTE coaching in Ahmedabad :

  • Highly trained and experienced PTE faculties
  • Master PTE trainer for master classes
  • State-of-the-art PTE lab with the latest workstations
  • Grammar and grooming sessions
  • Flexible timings and affordable fees
  • Convenient location (in the center of the city)
  • Online PTE coaching is available
  • Individual attention
  • Doubt/problem-solving sessions
  • Mock tests and authentic materials

PTE Exam Fees 2023

It used to be that IELTS and TOEFL were the most popular English language tests, but when the PTE exam was launched, those tests were no longer the only English language tests available. The PTE exam, on the other hand, is new on the scene. Using cutting-edge technology, the Pearson Test of English has quickly established itself as a powerful alternative for measuring language abilities. Both students and universities benefit from the unique design, delivery, and scoring of the PTE.

PTE Registration fee

The PTE Academic Test charges an average fee of Rs 15,900/-. It is also necessary for candidates to pay a PTE Late Booking Fee if they book their PTE exam within 48 hours of the test date.

If the PTE rescore charge has been paid, a rescore may also be requested. AI algorithms are used to score the PTE exam, however. Therefore, your PTE results should not contain any errors, unlike those from other human-scored tests. Rescoring, however, may result in new scores, in which case PTE will refund your fee.

Canceling or Rescheduling a PTE Exam

The candidate can request a refund 14 calendar days prior to the exam date if he or she does not wish to take the PTE Academic Test. Through the official website of the PTE Academic Test, cancellations and reschedulings can be made. It is possible to reschedule the PTE 2023 exam online or by telephone. Below you will find information about the cancellation and rescheduling of the PTE Test.

>> Costs for PTE Rescheduling: Those candidates who wish to reschedule their PTE exam at least seven days prior to their scheduled test date, but with less than 14 days’ notice, must pay 50% of the test fee. Unless compensation can be offered, rescheduling the exam within seven calendar days of that date will not be permitted. Rescheduled exam dates are not subject to the rescheduling policy.

>> Costs for Cancellation: PTE Academic Test applicants may receive a full refund up to 14 days before their test date if they decide not to take their test. Cancellations within 14 days of a scheduled test date will receive a 50% refund. It is important to note that candidates who cancel less than 7 days before the exam will not be refunded. There is no cancellation or rescheduling policy for the exam date, so applicants should keep this in mind.

Late Payment Charges

There is a 48-hour deadline for candidates to reserve their seats. An additional late fee of Rs 695/- must be paid by candidates who choose this option.

Mode of Payment for the PTE Exam

There are two ways in which candidates can pay for the PTE Exam:

  • Credit Card
  • American Express
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Debit Card

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  1. Why should I take the PTE test?

    • PTE is easier than IELTS and TOEFL.
    • PTE faculties at Overseas Desire provide you with easier tricks and tips to ace the test.
    • It is easier to get the exam dates and the result is out in less than a week. It all makes PTE the best test for you for immigration and studying abroad.
  2. Where is PTE accepted?

    PTE is accepted as an authentic English proficiency test for immigration to Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, it is widely accepted for student visas in the UK, Canada, the US, many parts of Europe, and throughout Australia and New Zealand. Some of the premium institutes that accept PTE include Oxford, Harvard, and Yale. Further reading is recommended here.

    According to recent news by Economic Times, Canada will soon allow individuals to take the PTE for applications for the economic class immigration pathway.

  3. Is there any PTE General?

    In almost all cases, PTE means PTE-A i.e., PTE Academic. It is the test accepted for both immigration and student visas. While there is PTE General, it is not used as an English proficiency test. The PTE General’s structure is quite different and is not a part of GEPSI education teaching.

  4. Do you provide online classes for PTE?

    Overseas Desire conducts both offline and online PTE classes. They are taken by experienced and certified PTE faculties. You can contact us for timings and PTE coaching fees.

  5. What materials do you provide for PTE coaching?

    Overseas Desire provides the best online materials in the form of soft copies and a licensed portal where you can practice PTE questions in hundreds or thousands. In the PTE lab, you learn as well as practice. Alternatively, Overseas Desire also provides dedicated time for just practice so that you can come and work on your own.

  6. What are PTE mock tests?

    PTE mock tests are like playing a semi-final match before you play the finals. Mock tests are conducted at Overseas Desire to boost your confidence so that you perform well in the final exam. We assist you to ace the test by evaluating your mock tests and ask you to improve on your gray area. Each test is individually checked by an experienced PTE tutor and they personally give you advice to improve.

  7. I don’t have time, and I need to take PTE in 15-20 days. Is it possible to have classes?

    The best part of Overseas Desire PTE coaching is that we can customize PTE coaching classes as per your requirements. Though we strongly recommend that you should learn and practice PTE for at least 45-60 days, we can work on your requirements and make you ready for the exam in the period you have; nevertheless, it is the PTE master trainer who can advise you better. It is advisable that you personally meet the PTE master for the same.