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Benefits of Canada Spouse Visa

In the following sections, you will find some of the important benefits associated with the Canada PNP.

  • There is no requirement for IELTS.
  • It is not applicable to use the Education & Points system.
  • You can live, work, study, and conduct business in Canada for as long as you like.
  • Become a sponsor for a family member who is eligible to immigrate to Canada.
  • Canadian Citizenship can be obtained if you qualify.
  • Become a member of the public healthcare system in Canada.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements

It is necessary to meet the requirements for a spouse visa in Canada before you can sponsor your spouse here. In order to sponsor your spouse, partner, or child, you must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must be 18 years or older to sponsor their spouse in Canada.

Visa Status:
You must be in Canada during and until the outcome of the Canada spouse visa if you hold a Canada PR and wish to sponsor your spouse in Canada.

Social Assistance:
Neither the sponsor nor the beneficiary must receive other forms of social assistance.

Income Requirement:
A sufficient amount of funds is required to obtain a Canada Spouse visa.

Financial undertaking:
During the sponsorship, the sponsor must make sure your spouse is financially taken care of. An undertaking’s duration is called its promise, and its time frame is called its length. In order to qualify for a Canada spouse visa, you must provide three years of the undertaking.

Genuine Relationship:
The relationship between you and your spouse must be genuine and continuing.

Marital status:
Marriage must be legal between you and your spouse. By proxy marriages performed outside Canada are no longer recognized by Citizenship Immigration Canada.

If you have a criminal record, you may not be able to sponsor

  • It hasn’t been three years since a previous spouse or partner became a permanent resident and you have already signed an undertaking for them.
  • Before, he had taken out a loan and failed to pay back any social assistance he received.
  • If you default on a performance bond or an immigration loan.
  • In the process of declaring bankruptcy but have not yet been discharged.
  • Depending on the nature of the offense, how long ago it occurred, and if you received a pardon, an applicant may be able to apply if convicted of a sexual offense, a violent crime, an offense against a relative that caused bodily harm, or if you threatened or attempted to commit any of the above offenses.

Canada Spouse Visa Process

In order to sponsor your spouse, your partner, or your child, you must follow five steps.

Check your eligibility:
It is very important to check if you meet Canada spouse visa prerequisites and to find out who can sponsor you in order to apply for a Canada spouse visa. Sponsorship is available to whom?

Prepare your documents:
Prepare the required documents carefully before applying for a Canada spouse visa. Make certain that you present your documentation and application file in a professional and descriptive manner, describing your intended purpose, and providing assessors with comprehensive information about you.

Unsigned, incomplete, or missing forms and documents will result in your application being refused/rejected.

Apply for a Canada Spouse visa:
A Canadian spouse visa application is assessed by the CIC office once you have paid the correct visa fee; once your application has been submitted, your application will be assessed under current law. An incomplete application or a payment that is missing will result in the application being returned.

AOR will be issued to you if your application is completed, and your application will be placed in the queue for processing by the CIC office. Additionally, you will receive the following requirements

  • Biometric
  • Medical
  • Police clearance certificate

CIC Canada conducts either an individual interview or a phone interview to determine if a spouse visa is appropriate for the applicant. A genuine relationship can be determined with the help of the interview in which each participant asks a series of questions regarding the relationship and their partner.

Interviews are undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of the job application process. In our role as consultants, we create professional application files and administer a mock interview to assess the applicant’s readiness for the visa interview. We can provide you with more details upon request.

Here is a sample list of some possible Canada spouse visa interview questions you can find on the Canada spouse visa documents checklist

Canada spouse visa outcome:

In order to receive the Canada spouse visa stamp on your passport, you need to visit a VAC near you once your application has been approved.

Traveling to Canada to stay with your loved one is now possible.

Our expert can provide you with detailed information about flying to Canada. Please be sure to bring certain documents with you.

Visa processing takes between 10 and 12 months for a Canadian spouse. There may be a delay in processing your application if it is complex.

Processing time for Canada spouse visas is also determined by:

  • Would you mind letting me know if your application was complete? Was the fee paid correctly?
  • What is the turnaround time for supplying ADR to CIC?
  • What is the process for verifying the information on your Canada spouse visa application with CIC Canada?
  • Do you respond to requests or concerns within a reasonable amount of time?
    In addition to these factors.

Canada spouse visa processing time

How much does it cost to sponsor a spouse in Canada?

The Canada spouse visa fee will vary depending on whether or not you intend to sponsor dependents with your spouse. Depending on the country, tuition fees can be paid in a variety of ways.

Fee in
CIC charges for Canada Spouse visa fee
Sponsor your spouse or partner Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($475) and right of permanent residence fee ($500)
Sponsor a dependent child Sponsorship fee ($75) and processing fee ($75)
Include any dependent child with spouse Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($475) and right of permanent residence fee ($490), Sponsorship fee ($75) and processing fee ($75)
Biometrics (if required) – Fees
Biometrics – per person
Biometrics – family (2 or more)
Medical Fee
Medical fee– per person
Police certificate fee
Police certificate – per documents

Canada Spouse visa Documents checklist

The documents required for a Canada spouse visa depend on the applicant’s and sponsor’s circumstances. There must, however, be standard documentation with every application.

For a Canada spouse visa application to be processed, the application form must be completed and all required documents submitted in the correct format.

When applying for a Canada Spouse visa, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • You will need a copy of your civil marriage certificate
  • Photographs for passports
  • You and your spouse’s legal name changes must be documented
  • Please provide a copy of your birth certificate
  • You will need a copy of your passport to prove your identity
  • Please provide a copy of your financial documents
  • Sponsorship letter originally issued
  • Certificate of clearance from the police (if applicable)
  • Documents terminating previous marriages, if applicable
  • If applicable, court records, police records, and prison records
  • Those who have violated immigration laws, if any
  • Statement of bank accounts
  • Proof of address
  • IPreparation for interviews

It is necessary for CIC to receive each of the above documents in each of the most common cases. For more information on the customized Canada spouse visa documents checklist, please contact our Canada spouse visa expert.

Make sure all forms and documents are filled out completely, signed, and dated as per your circumstances.

Important- Documents should be accurate and authentic. A deliberate or unintentional act of providing false and misleading information or documents. The offense is serious. You might be banned from applying for any visa in the next ten years if your Canada spouse visa application is rejected.

Canada Spouse Visa interview questions

The most common questions you may face at the time of the Canada spouse visa application interview are listed below. It is difficult to predict what questions may be asked; however, here are the most common ones.

  • What was the date and location of your meeting?
  • How long did it take for you and your partner to fall in love?
  • In the beginning, what was it about your partner that appealed to you?
  • In the last few weeks, what did each of you give the other as a gift?
  • What was the date of your engagement?
  • Marriage Date & Place
  • When you come to Canada, what are you going to do?
  • Is your partner an educated person? Could you please tell me what type of education you received and from what school?
  • When you go out together, where do you go?
  • When was the last time you and your partner watched a film together?

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