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Traveling to the US to visit family and friends? Do you want to travel for medical or tourism reasons? Non-business travelers who are visiting the US short-term may apply for a US B2 visa.


Business travelers, tourists, and future spouses can apply for short-visit visas in the US.

  • A US visitor or transit visa might be required for those planning a short visit – for business or tourism.
  • Depending on the purpose of the visit, a US visa will be required.
Meeting with business associates, negotiating a contract, attending a conference
Those who are vacationing or participating in amateur contests, or social events, or seeking medical attention in the US.
Transit C
In the course of their onward journey, foreign nationals stop for a short time in the US while traveling to another country.
Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D
International airline crewmembers and sea vessel crewmembers traveling to the United States.

An engaged US citizen might be able to petition on behalf of their fiancé(e) for a US K-1 visa if they plan to marry and live in the US. Within 90 days of arrival in the US, the K-1 visa holder can marry their fiancé(e). Upon marriage, they may apply for a US Green Card by adjusting their status.

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Non-immigrant US visas such as the B-2 are available. Individuals can use the visa to visit family and friends in the US or to travel for a short period of time.

When in the US, holders of B-visas can take part in the following activities:

  • Spend a holiday in the country
  • Explore the country’s various cities
  • They visit their family and friends
  • Participate in organization-sponsored social events
  • Take advantage of the country’s medical facilities
  • Sports or music events to participate in
  • Courses that are short-term in nature


It is best to apply for the US B2 visa if you intend to visit the US for a short period of time. These are usually issued for a period of six months. It is possible to obtain a visa for up to 10 years with multiple entries. The following details are included in a B2 visa:

  • In order for a US consular official to grant you asylum in the country you are visiting, you must be able to convince them that you are not intending to become an immigrant there.
  • In order to prove that you will definitely return home, you must provide reasons and evidence
  • Appointments are required for the biometrics (fingerprint scan) and visa interview
  • Visa applications can be submitted at the visa application center by children under 14 years of age and adults over 80 years of age without going to the Consulate/Embassy for an interview.
  • If you have an existing US Visit Visa and need to renew it, you can apply for a visa appointment at a visa application center and submit your documents there.

Visas are typically processed within 2-3 business days, and passports can be picked up from the VAC center or sent by courier.


A B2 visa requires the following documentation:

  • A passport is your identification
  • Funds proof
  • Supporting letters for your visit to the U.S.
  • Coverage adequate for your needs
  • Who you are staying with and where you are staying
  • Tickets for flights
  • You must provide evidence that you will return home
  • Documents related to finances
  • Documents related to insurance and other supporting documents


  • Fill out and submit Form DS-160
  • Fees for visas must be paid
  • Visit the US embassy or consulate to schedule the tourist visa interview
  • Documents for B-2 visas should be completed
  • Interview for a visa
  • The purpose of your trip and your travel plans will be asked during a visa interview if you have applied for a US tourist visa.


  • Consult a U.S. Consulate in the country where you reside: Your interview can take place at any U.S. Consulate. If you live outside your country of residence, it may be more difficult to obtain a visa.) You can find the nearest embassy or consulate using USEmbassy.gov.
  • Make sure you check the wait time: The wait time differs depending on the venue, visa category, and even the season, which is why applying early is so important.
  • Non-refundable visa application fee
  • Obtain the required documents: These include:
  • You must have a valid passport six months after you depart the United States
  • Confirmation page for non-immigrant visa application type DS-160
  • Fee for Transaction Receipt
  • A printed photo that meets the requirements for a visitor visa
  • Practicing answers to frequently asked questions will help you prepare for the interview

The majority of visa interviews are conducted by consular officers between the ages of 14 and 79. There are usually no interviews required of applicants 13 years of age and younger or 80 years of age and older, although consular officers can choose to interview any visa applicant, regardless of age.


When traveling within the United States, you might need to stop for a layover en route to your destination. In this case, you will have to transit through the United States. C1 visas or Transit Visas for the USA are required for this.

Getting a Transit Visa in the US gives you permission to enter and stay in the country for a layover. You will have to leave the United States when your plane or ship leaves for your next destination.

In order to transit the country immediately and continuously, the US government issues C1 visas. As a result, if you must stop in the US on your way to your final destination, you will have no other privileges.

Because the Transit visa is not a tourist or business visa, it allows you to stay only for the approved period of time.

Visas are typically processed within five days. Your application for a US visa will be processed according to the workload of the US Embassy where you are applying. It will take longer if there are more applications. In comparison to other visas, the C1 visa will have a shorter duration, resulting in a faster processing time.


  • The DS-160 application form has been completed.
  • For visa affixing, you must have at least one blank page in your passport.
  • US authorities require one photograph that meets their requirements.
  • Fees paid for transit visas.
  • Details about social media.
  • You must have proof that you are allowed to enter the country where you will be staying.
  • Your final destination’s ticket or itinerary.
  • An explanation of why you are visiting your final destination in a letter.
  • You must show proof that you have funds to cover your transit expenses.
  • After your stay in the US, you must provide proof that you will return to your home country or another country.
  • Medical health insurance proof.


  • Fill out and submit Form DS-160
  • Fees for visas must be paid
  • Make an appointment at the US consulate or embassy for the transit visa interview
  • Documents must be submitted
  • Interview for a visa

What Are the Restrictions of the C1 Visa?

You will have to follow several restrictions with the C1 visa, since it doesn’t allow you to stay in the US, including:

  • Stay in the US longer than you were supposed to.
  • Visit the United States or study there.
  • Learn about US employment opportunities.
  • Visa extension for C1.
  • The status of the C1 visa can be adjusted or changed.
  • With a C1 visa, you can apply for a Green Card.
  • Only one transit visa can be used for dependents.
  • A C1 visa does not allow dependents to work, study, or travel in the US

How Long Can I Stay in the US with a C1 Visa?

Transiting is for a short period of time, so C1 visas have a short validity period. You can apply for the visa up to 29 days before your departure from the US, whichever is earlier.


Non-immigrant visa D or Crewmember visa is one of the U.S. government’s non-immigrant visas. Commercial sea vessels and airlines that pass through the U.S. are eligible to apply for this visa. Passing through the U.S. and making short stops is necessary to allow these sea vessels and airlines to operate normally.

D visa allows crew members to come to the U.S. and stay there for a maximum of 29 days.

With a D visa, crews can stay in the U.S. for a maximum of 29 days. It is possible for holders of the D visa to leave the dock or airport for this duration, but they must also leave the country within 29 days of leaving the dock or airport. D visas are only valid for passing through the United States.

Depending on the type of visa, the processing time can range from 3 to 5 days or even up to 2 weeks. U.S. visa processing times depend on the workload of the U.S. Embassy from where you are applying. There will be a longer wait if there are more applications.

Requirements to get the D visa

Traveling to the U.S. and only passing through must be the requirement for the worker. D visas are available for the following positions:

  • Pilots or flight attendants on commercial aircraft
  • Those who work on sea vessels, such as captains, deckhands, and engineers
  • Cruising staff such as lifeguards, waiters, and cooks
  • Taking part in a training session on a training vessel

Individuals who perform the following duties cannot apply for a D visa:

  • While docked at a U.S. port, perform dry dock duties such as repairs
  • Inhabitants of fisheries vessels that have their operating base or home port in the United States
  • Officer substituted for coast guard
  • The crew of a private yacht will spend more than 29 days docked in the United States
  • The crew of a vessel going to the outer continental shelf

Documents required for U.S D visa

  • The DS-160 application form has been completed.
  • It is necessary to have a blank page in your passport in order to attach a visa.
  • There must be one photograph that meets U.S. government requirements.
  • The proof of having paid the transit visa fee.
  • Copy of the confirmation page for the interview
  • Your employer or company should send you a letter explaining the purpose of your trip
  • Documents proving your connection to your home countries, such as family papers, job contracts, leases, or property deeds, which prove you won’t stay more than 29 days in the U.S.
    • Here are the details from your employer’s letter:
    • The vessel’s name
    • The period of time you will be in the United States.
    • Entry date and port of entry
    • Port of departure and date of departure
    • A description of your role and responsibilities at your current job position
    • While you are in the U.S., your salary will be.
  • You should have copies of your employer’s work records
  • Continuous Discharge Certificates (CDCs)
  • Your company’s travel authorization
  • Verification of your qualifications through certificates and diplomas;
  • Proof that you have no previous convictions, such as criminal records or a letter from the authorities


  • Fill out and submit Form DS-160
  • Fees for visas must be paid
  • Documents must be submitted
  • Interview for a visa

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