Visitor Visa Canada- Start Your Journey

Visas for entering Canada are official documents/stamps on passports that confirm to Canadian authorities that you meet all the requirements to visit for a short period of time. In order to obtain a Canadian visitor/tourist visa, the applicant must apply either electronically or on paper.

If you have a Canada Tourist/Visitor visa, how long can you stay in Canada?

It is possible to stay in Canada for up to ten years on a Canada Visitor / Tourist visa, although the validity may vary.

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How to apply for a Canada visitor visa from India

The following steps must be followed to apply for a Canada Visitor/ Tourist visa:

  • Documentation for your application should be prepared
  • Arrangements for funding
  • To apply for a Canadian visitor’s or tourist’s visa, click here
  • Status of visas

Prepare your application:

You need to gather all required documents appropriately before applying for a Canada visitor/tourist visa.

You will not be refunded the fee if Citizenship Immigration Canada returns your application if your documents are not in the appropriate format. Please click here for more information about the Canada visitor visa documents checklist.

Arrangement of funds:

Prove that you have the funds to travel. During their stay, you must establish that they have enough funds to maintain themselves and their families.

Apply for Canada Visitor/ tourist visa:

Imagine that you have prepared all the necessary documents and all forms for a visitor/tourist visa to Canada. A biometric fee and application fee are also charged as part of the Canada Visitor visa application process. As soon as the visa decision is made, wait for it.

Keep patience and wait for the decision, as the processing time for Canadian tourist visas varies from case to case.

Apply for Canada Visitor/ tourist visa:

Visa Outcome:

As soon as your application is submitted, CIC will assess it according to immigration law; if your documents are incomplete or the fee is paid incorrectly, your application will be denied and you will be notified. You will be asked to submit the following if your assessment is positive:

  • Biometric
  • Passport

You can now fly to Canada to enjoy your vacation once your visa has been approved.

Visitor Visa Canada processing time

Most visitor visa applications are processed by the ICCRC within 30 days after they are received. It is important to note that processing does not include your biometrics. Incomplete documentation will result in your application being returned.

The processing time for a visitor or tourist visa begins on the day IRCC receives your application and ends when IRCC makes a decision on it.

Processing times are difficult to predict, so no one can tell you when your application will be processed.

However, Visitor Visa Canada processing time depends upon:-

  • Submitting a type of application
  • Upon completion of the application
  • Applicants’ ability to verify their information easily
  • In response to any request or concern, how long does it take you to respond
  • Upon completion of the application
  • Currently, there are a number of applications awaiting processing

Canada tourist visa fees

Canada tourist visa application fees vary based on the number of applicants, so please find the Canadian tourist visa fee in Canadian dollars and the Indian tourist visa fee in Indian rupees.

Sr No
Fee in CAD $
Fee in INR (If $ 1 is equal to Rs. 58)
Visitor Visa – Per Person Single or Multiple Entry Visa
5800 INR
Biometric Fee Per Person
4930 INR
Visitor Visa – Per family Single or Multiple Entry Visa
29000 INR
Biometric Fee Per family
9860 INR

Please Note: – Your biometrics only need to be taken every ten years

How to pay

Canada tourist / Visitor visa fee:

If you are applying for a tourist or visitor visa to Canada, you must pay with a credit card. Regardless of the final decision, fees will not be refunded.

Applicants who are not eligible for a tourist visa will not be refunded their visa fees. Another application fee and, if applicable, a biometric fee will have to be paid if an applicant applies again.

Canada visitor/ Tourist visa requirements

Some countries’ citizens will have a more straightforward path to entering Canada than others.

Genuine Visitor:

When an immigration officer reviews your application for a Canada tourist or visitor visa, the primary question in their minds is whether the person will return home. If you are applying for a visitor visa, you must demonstrate that your application is genuine.

Financial Capacity:

Maintaining sufficient funds is a pre-requisite for applying for a Canada Visitor/Tourist visa. There are no guidelines on how much money you need in order to apply for a visitor or tourist visa in Canada.

A monthly budget of CAD 1,000 is required to support your Canada visit.

In 2020, IRCC rejected more than 51% of visitor visa applications due to insufficient funds, or the applicant could not present their fund documents to IRCC?

Travel history:

Let’s say you are interested in applying for a visitor visa to Canada. When considering your previous travel history, it is important to keep your travel history in mind. If you have traveled to Canada or another country and returned before your visa expired, for example, you would still be able to use the visa. The chances of getting approval for a Canada visitor or tourist visa will increase in that case.

Sufficient documents:

Interviews are typically conducted by the IRCC for visitor/tourist visa candidates; the decision is entirely based on your application file, although IRCC publishes a Canada visitor visa checklist. The documents alone will not make your application stronger or convince the visa officer that you are a genuine visitor, even though many applicants make this mistake and submit only those documents. In addition to the above, please provide

  • Upon expiration of the approved stay, you must provide proof of your departure from Canada.
  • Please provide proof that you have enough funds to maintain yourself and your family.
  • Public safety or security is not at risk from you.
  • Are you responsible for the care of elderly family members? Make sure you have evidence of your responsibilities.

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Here are five tips to increase your chances of getting an Indian tourist visa for Canada

The number of genuine visitor applications being denied or rejected has increased recently. Before applying for a Canada Tourist/Visitor visa, you should know the following tips to increase your chances.


Your Canadian tourist/visitor visa approval will not be guaranteed if you have a job in your home country. Additionally, immigration officers consider your job history, type of job, and income during your current employment and previous employment

As well as measuring the duration of the request for a visit to Canada, the visa officer will also examine the itinerary. Would it be better to take a letter of authorization from your company if your company has given you permission to leave for the specified period?

Family Obligation:

Support letters with assurances that your loved ones will be well taken care of while you are away may also be obtained from family members. You are responsible for providing supportive documents for your family members, such as your spouse, children, and parents.

Property and Personal Asset:

The likelihood of leaving a country is lower if one owns a home, owns the property, or has substantial investments in their home country. Applicants must demonstrate their ability to support the visit with financial assets, as well as evidence of their connection to their home country through the property and financial assistance.

Travel History:

Assume that you have previously visited outside your home country for vacations and fun without overstaying or exceeding your legal stay limit. It is more likely that the immigration officer will trust you in that case because you won’t overstay during your vacation and you are more likely to return home at the end.

Please note: Re-apply for a visa at any time (unless otherwise indicated on the visa denial letter), but make sure this time you identify all the red flags that resulted in the denial and do not repeat the mistake.

Canada Tourist/Visitor visa documents checklist

For an application for a Canada Tourist/Visitor visa, applicants must submit all required documents in accordance with the checklist; however, specific document requirements may vary depending on the applicant’s circumstances. An application for a visa for tourist/visitor status in Canada must be made in the following manner: applicants must submit all documents according to the checklist instructions. Individuals may require different documents depending on their situation.

Despite its size and diversity, Canada has a lot to offer. In addition to forests, mountains, lakes, and other natural wonders, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Document requirements vary based on individual circumstances for applicants seeking a Canada Tourist/Visitor visa. If additional documents are needed, the visa officer may request them

Identification Documents:

  • Passports with six months validity from the arrival date in Canada, with two blank pages.
  • Color passport-size photographs
  • Marriage Certificate copy (if applicable)
  • Copy of address proof

Employment Documents:

  • A Proof of Employment from your current employer
  • Employee ID proof.
  • Salary slip.

Purpose of visit Documents:

Please write a detailed letter explaining why you would like to visit. Do you have a genuine reason for visiting? Could you please let me know when you will be returning home?

Proof of financial efficiency:

A bank statement showing all transactions over the past six months, including foreign slips, property purchases, fixed deposits, occupational viability, etc.

Income Tax returns / Form 16 for the last three-year

Invitation letter from Canada (if applicable)

If your loved ones invite you to Canada, you must have a detailed invitation letter.

Additional documents:

  • Hotel Booking
  • Itinerary.
  • Air tickets
  • If Retired – Retirement proof/pension passbook or slips.
  • If Student – School/College ID card copy.

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